Monday, 25 October 2010

Article: We won't be a lost generation



If you find these numbers too many to count, then probably you find them way too many to work. These are the years that someone is supposed to work if he eventually wants to go on pension and finally live his life. I'm sure that some of you may wonder, what else can anyone do? Is there a solution for not working so much and for so long and even so, to have a correct and well maintained society to live in? I think the answer is pretty simple and it is of course YES! From the productive side, a man isn't capable of working to his maximum for 40 years, his most efficient 40 years. No matter how much you love what you do, in 40 years your body wears out and the psychological pressure and fatigue won't let you offer and produce, but in the contrary, you will learn to live in a routinised way and in the same motif of living. In the western societies there are lots of occupations that can't offer satisfaction to their employees just because they don't give them the sense of creative productivity they want. How productive can someone feel behind a telephone? How productive and useful can an employee feel with so much bureaucracy? 

Let's start though from the beginning. When a little man enters the market for the first time at around 24-25 years of age, he has to face 40 years of work. Most times in a job he didn't even choose. A work for survival. And so he begins: First year, second, fifth, eighth, fatigue, routine, come and go, same pictures, come and go, very little free time, very few holidays, come and go, prices go up, come and go... 15th year, family, must do, 17th, routine, come and go, loans, 19th, getting old, your body is in pain, obligations, 22nd, come and go, 25th, when did 25 years pass?, come and go, come and go, come and go, 28th, are you tired yet?, are you on time?, 30, 31, 32, how much more?, I'm tired, I want to live my life..., 35, I'm there, I'm almost there..., but my body starts to wear out, I'm old now... 36, 37, yes I'm tired, I have to get away from here, I don't have anything more to give, too much anxiety, 38, 39.... and finally 40..... Now receive your pension and live your dream!!! Are you hungry? Did you take your medicine? Everything is getting more expensive? Not so much money from your pension?

NOW is your mind free and ready for you to cultivate it. NOW are your feet ready to walk in new, unseen paths. NOW is the time to learn and listen to the world. And CHANGE it.

This kind of routine comes in many occupations and only the people who have the flame for life in their eyes can feel it. Sitting in front of a PC day and night will eventually put your flame out. It will change you, your character. You will be getting involved with cheap and stupid things because you will not want to let the sadness of your substantial inaction conquer you. There is so much money out there, so unfairly divided, for you to touch a bit of it, you are required to give away your life, because these 40 years are YOUR LIFE.

In a world market that doesn't respect the employee, profit will eventually robotise everything and brutally manipulate every man and woman who enters the pitch. The lifestyle that you were promised is below your expectation and even so you are bound to play the game. Of course the people who make the rules go home early. They eat fresh fish in expensive restaurants and workout in gyms. The worker has learned to "kill" his demands and struggle for everything just to keep up in the present. Still someone who is highly paid has also learned to deeply "kill" his personality and his human needs, in order to spend more and be a more powerful consumer.

We are all numbers to these kind of societies and the number 40 can't be chewed easily. Woe betide the people who will suffer this uncomplainingly.

Translated by Pele.

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