Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Article: Fear, the social paranoia inside you.

by dinatomirmigi.blogspot.com

Have you ever seen a kid hitchhiking but you didn’t stop because you thought he might rob you? Have you ever seen a homeless man coming at you in the train station and you stepped aside because you thought he is maybe sick or carrying a virus? Have you ever listened to an announcement on the train about your personal belongings and immediately you searched yourself to look if your awesome new mobile phone is missing or seen an old lady grabbing her purse looking suspicious to the kid across the carriage like if he was an imposter trying to steal her bag?
Have you ever been told on the TV that swine flu is at your doorstep and we are all going to get sick if we don’t shoot ourselves with this safe new vaccine which is more effective? Have you tried to get in a bank and a recorded voice in the entrance told you to look straight at the camera in order to let you in then you got out with so much debt on your shoulders that you totally forgot about it? Did you go and see that movie about how the beautiful world you are living in will be destroyed in 2012 and listened to the luminaries on the TV selling you truth in order to overcome your fears? Did anyone else tell you to believe and follow their unique god, which is the only fair and right god between all other doctrines, in order to save yourself? Have you ever walked alone at night, and scared of what you saw, you said, why don’t I just stay at home? Ever scared from the news and said to yourself let’s do what they tell me otherwise I don’t stand a chance in this madness? Ever forgot to believe in yourself and as a scared man you asked for a job for your child in the public sector, because he was also scared to take his life in his own hands?

So many dangers out there... So much competition, so much trouble, everybody wants to hurt you, so be more evil! Step on everyone my little weak man otherwise they’ll step on you! And it’s a big cost... And in all this fear, a fear so justified from the sources you learned to trust, you grew up, you forgot to question, you forgot to think and to dare, but you were a good worker, good at your job, you made a family, you struggled to become a better man.. I’m sure you feel the fullness inside you... That was the life you always wanted, very few represses are left. But don’t complain because you were scared... You became elastic like plasticine in the hands of fear by which society watered you. Will you climb tomorrow that step you always had inside you? Citizen of order and security... Are you living that fairy tale you were making when you were little? Do you believe that that time will eventually come? Will you finally open that sealed door?

Are you scared?..

Translated by Pele.


  1. EVERYHTING starts from killing your fear....
    Thanks for the post.
    Od, we need a new collective conversation soon