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Article: Tiny little thoughts


 I think of this classic story that companies selling antivirus software, have first created the virus itself and then have the ''antidote'' ready for the customers to buy! How many times have we felt that somehow the antivirus came first? How many times have we been told to be careful of a new virus, we bought the software to be ready and sure but in the end we never got ''ill''? They were sometimes though that we heard of someone that did get ''infected'' because he didnt have the ''antibiotic''..

so far so good. Besides i believe everyone of you have heard of this story. But hold on now: You may believe that this story is real, but no one has ever told us that it could be metaphorical. What does this mean? Try to think that whatever we do, they either sell it to us as a service, or they sell it to us as an ''antidote'' at whatever price they want. In todays fast-tempo way of living, with the personal free time and moments of relaxation to the minimum, they succeeded the simplest: To have us like we are being hunted, to keep us running and NOT thinking! Others think for us, but its because they want to bury us even deeper so they can profit from our sweat. We have to work for them and buy products from them like we are some kind of robots!

we smoke! As we all know smoking is very bad for our health. So if its bad(and i certailny don't disagree) then why did we spend 40-50 years having some companies trying to convince us that it's harmless, or even helps as a 'must have' or in part of the life-style of those times? Why did every role-model of those times had to smoke and taken pictures with a cigarette in his hand? Probably because it took them 40-50 years to convert people into junkies, to persuade them now that they need treatment. A treatment that of course you will have to pay for again! I wonder, what kind of relationship do tobacco industries have with scientists that deal with the effects of smoking to our health? Isn't it awkward how a few years ago major Greek and International tobacco companies changed hands and cigarettes are getting more expensive but aren't banned even though they harm people? Is it by accident that because they expect a decline in the cigarette market in Greece of about 20%, they raise the price by 20% in a total of 300% in this half century? Those that made us dependant on nicotine, are the same people that will get the money to get us out of it, just by changing the name of the companies...

diet centres and plastic surgeries! They make us live in this crazy-fast-tempo, to eat junk food, to have a sitting life but running from one obligation to another without any breaks and no personal time! Then they tell us that we are fat! Ok then, whats the solution? But of course diet centres, were we can win back the grace of all the people around us! Watch closely to the advertisements, they don't tell you that you have to lose weight because in the future you are going to need a surgey, they don't tell you that if you lose weight you are going to enjoy your old age more because you won't have a problem with your waist and bones, they just show you a beautiful body by the beach... Then again you watch a TV show and you see how much acceptance you will have when you have a plastic surgery in your body and face. They spend lots of money on deifying the body and vanity of man, whereas they could just have specific and controlled ways of having only quality food to eat, but then there wouldnt be those ''patients'' and those profits!!!

ecology! As we are now learning, the Earth is being destroyed! What do we have to do? We have to buy products of a different technology that consume less energy! We have to reduce the emissions from our cars and motorcycles, which is practically impossible, so we have to buy new ones. Fine! So we are responsible for the destruction of our planet, therefore it doesnt matter that some huge factories will work to produce goods, but our exhausts matter more! Werent you impressed that in the 60's cars were actually designed to run on water but got lost overnight and we continue to burn petrol? Aren't you amazed that every product is for junk after a few years because they don't make them work forever like they use to, but instead they loaded our heads with another responsibility because the system needs to work and our money to constantly change hands...

...i could give you infinite examples of how they make us do things without our will! But how do they do that? Very easily I'm afraid. They shape morals with so many ways, so many images, with frequent replay so it stays in our subconscious and then we are just a prey for every system. Wake up tomorrow a bit more leery and you may see that I'm right! When you wake up, do this easy experiment: Do whatever you did everyday, but this time write down what they made you do indirectly! e.g. What do we usually do when we wake up? Turn on the TV? Turn on the radio? Listen carefully to what they are telling you, who are the succesful and the 'good' citizens with the money, the glory and the projections. You will find out that there is an instigator of consiousness inside our houses! Look out for messages that movies try to pass! Advertisements, if you see what the basic product is, you will see that the more useless it is, the more they advertise it! How do they do that? By persuading us that in order to become accepted in our microcosm, you have to buy the specific product! Then they load our heads with responsibilities and obligations. Whereas simply what the companies could have done is to make a package or product ecological, that could be absorbed easily in the local dump. Instead, a) companies use cheap materials because the ecological are more expensive, b) we are filled with responsibilities, took the responsibility of a whole industry, and we think that is the right thing to do, c) suddenly some people came up with a collection and processing companies of recycled waste, with zero starting capital, because the government or the EU gave them the funds to built the factory... Except the TV and the radio, dont we read a newspaper/magazine? Think of what they are telling us, especially the key-words. All day we are bombed with messages of how we are supposed to feel and look and move! Without stopping, without limits, moving constantly, so that they can control us and be sure that there is no way of getting out of the system which has become a prison. It isn't odd that Philosophers and other theorists didnt have a job, because they lived peacefully in order to have clear minds and views, to have time to think! We on the contrary, are just running all day long having others thinking for us...

i wanted to illustrate here with these exaples is that everything we do, we do it so some people can become very very rich! It was supposed that machines would give us more free time to enjoy our moments. In action though, machines brought the exact opposite. We are compelled to work more and to buy more! So the same system, wants us to work day and night, to produce products and services that are bought again by us so the big bosses can become richer! Look how our lives change when we are on vacation and dont watch TV, we turn off our mobiles, we don't have internet, don't read newspapers, don't buy useless stuff etc. We are the same people but we don't feel the same panic, we don't feel that we have to constantly run and if you really think about it, we even think differently! That doesn't come good to some and so they try to change it because when you are camping free under a tree, they can't charge you with anything and you are too far away for the messages they want to pass you...

we take a look to other cultures, besides ours, you can see that they can also survive but without problems and with more personal joys. With more love and more self-knowledge. With more time with family and with themselves. I once saw a documentary about a tribe in the Amazon and another with the lives of Gypsies and i realised that those I thought were 'inferior' and uneducated, managed to live with more love and care for their families, than us running behind soulless products with an end date that by the time we finish to pay them off, are already useless. The easy answer that one can give me is to go and live in the Amazon or to become a Gypsy! Truth is that the first case would be very interesting! To be honest I dream of living like this instead of living trapped in the concrete jungle with a tie-knot around my neck...

As i said, they made us run like hunted animals that only look how to save themselves and survive, but not living and enjoying what they already have! Made us think that the choices are ours, but they are actually not ours at all! That we live under secret messages and we are driven under their orders simply because we are running and not living! They are loading our heads and minds with responsibilities and guilt so they can then tell us how to get rid of them, to live with our head down because we did something bad and others give us the solution! If they let us think for ourselves we will see things differently and that doesn't suit them!

Some movies that stuck up to the above is the ''They Live'', a 1988 film, as for the messages that we receive all day long, and my beloved ''Fight Club'' if we can understand the messages that is trying to show. Another amazing movie is ''Thank you for smoking''. If you think you have free time, take a look at them carefully and you will realise more than what i just told you....

Translated by Pele

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  1. maybe a bit exaggerating but thought provoking for sure :)