Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Story: The Ugly Truth

Once upon a time there was a man who was constantly trying to find Truth but he couldn’t. He went to all the countries around the world, from the Nordic countries to the countries of the South and the countries of the West but without result.
One time while he was wandering in a small country of the East, he felt tired and desperate and sat near the entrance of a cave. Suddenly he heard a noise from inside the cave, something like a grunt. The man stood up and approached the entrance with a sword in his hand. He saw a dark form that seemed to belong to a woman. He entered the cave which had a terrible smell coming out of it. When his eyes got used to the darkness, he saw
a woman, an old and repulsive woman, furry and filthy.
She lifted her blurred eyes up towards him and asked him what he wanted.
-I'm looking for the Truth, he replied.
-You found it, the old lady said.
-Are you the Truth?
-How can I be sure?
She gave him evidence: she knew everything about him, his name, his age, his adventures. The man stood speechless and disappointed, and asked with embarrassment:
-You are really ugly. I’ve never met anything more terrible than you. But everyone wants to know you! They will ask me! I have to tell them something! What should I tell them?
-Lie to them, said Truth, tell them that I’m young and beautiful and everyone will believe you..

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