Thursday, 14 March 2013

Documentary: South of the Border (2010)

"Having been conquered, liberated, invaded, beaten, killed and 'Christianized' for centuries, it is cheering to see the collective progress made by most South American countries in mapping their futures by governing themselves"

Oliver Stone's apocalyptic and provocative documentary interviews various South American presidents and emphasizes in Venezuela's, Hugo Chavez. This documentary doesn't stop there. It also presents what is happening inside the US borders, what is being broadcasted by the US media and how they, on a daily basis, are spouting off lies and misinformation about those people and their governments. They even go as far as describing Chavez a drug addict and a man whose personality is compared with Hitler's(!!!).

It must be said, that although a documentary should not be biased, "South of the Border" is somehow attached to one side of the story. Nevertheless, as it was created for US viewers, its a side that rarely if ever is seen by them as the content of this documentary will never be broadcasted by FOX, CNN and NBC, that's for sure!



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