Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Article: Dying for the World...

"In the shadow of my doubt, my life becomes dust in empty rooms. On the ruins of my defeat, the headlights turn off and the curtain is lowered. On the stage, a clown without audience, his grief, allows him to smile. Who am I to rule the world, when the faithful worship naked walls? The lines of right and wrong became muddy in the name of freedom. What do you want from the world, what are you looking for in life? Are we trapped or enslaved?
I wake up from the violent dreams of the day; there are no different people, nor anything on the other side of the coast to swim against the current. Heaven has changed to “Heaven TV”. Is this perfection? Have I lost my mind? Choose your friends wisely. Look to the sky with new, amazing eyes, kid enjoy your life! Rain and darkness will come, but enjoy it, fold the pain in your arms. The world is a rotating sphere you can’t understand. Take care..”
The doctor folded the paper and
threw it in his pocket. Then he nodded to the nurses to grasp the patient and inject him with a tranquilizer. The gold liquid ran after a while in his veins. They got out and closed the door of the cell behind them. The doctor proceeded to the Directors office. He knocked the door and entered the half-lighted room.
- So doc, how is the patient from room 39 going?
- He is still delusional and has an obsession to prove that he isn’t mentally ill, while he continues to write delirium and dangerous for the social health texts.
- Do you have any of these to show me?
- No, we destroy all of them; they are nothing more than notes of a disturbed mind. He also seems more sensitive and susceptible to emotional viruses.
- Alright you can go. If he needs anything, inform me. Because he is a new patient, he needs special attention before we resort to more drastic measures.
The doctor headed towards his office that was on the other side of the building. He stepped in and sat at the dark armchair. He hesitantly put his hand in his pocket and unfolded the paper. He re-read it and his eyes misted over, as if he had never cried in his life, as if emotions of years waited to find a way out from his eyes. He knew the truth deep inside him. In that place, they destroyed every human emotion, they made a thinking man to forget, to become a mercenary without a soul, a ghost who doesn’t speak but follows orders. An animal ready to die for the world…
And he was scared because he was in danger to become something monstrous, or to have the fortune of his patients, if he discovered he didn’t differ from them.
“Insanity is in single individuals something rare, but in groups, parties, peoples, epochs, is the rule”
Friedrich Nietzsche - Beyond Good & Evil

Source: Strange Journal.

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