Monday, 17 January 2011

Article: The fear of non-acceptance

It’s why you don’t say what you think. You want to have a peace of mind, you want your finger to indicate the different but you can’t stand criticism. You can’t stand it because you don’t feel ready to deal with it. You are scared about being in the front and what you learned from your education was to complain behind the backs of other people, not more capable than you. You make yourself feel different by wearing sophisticated clothes, you find a personal way to express your toughness but you are moving within the lines that society commands you to live.

Always acceptable to your surroundings, you know that you are far away from the deeper meanings of life, but as you move near the magnetic field of propaganda that manipulates you since you were a child, you feel that perhaps one day you will be given the opportunity to fulfill all the frustration you are hiding inside you.

Did you ever think of what you sacrificed in order to be acceptable and likeable? Did you ever think to who are you trying to be acceptable? Did you ever think of why the pure emotions aren’t accepted in the modern society? Did you ever think that the mask you are wearing isn’t your making but everyone is wearing the same one?

Perhaps all this went through your mind, but the thing is that you are still drowning your true self. You restrict yourself by fear and insecurity. Any attempt to approach the real concerns of life is becoming unbearable to your friends. Any attempt to discuss serious issues concerning your life, is annoying to others around you. The safety of your society is on the hands of others and society is afraid to refer to topics about risks and threats that concern it.

If society cant accept people who are living with their true self, accept yourself and don’t give it cheap to fear that is cultivated from friends, family and society in the diversity that makes you what you were before you became a number...

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  1. Very true indeed.
    No matter how close we come to our true self, society... but most importantly our insecurity wont let us make the big step further.
    Our fear of rejection is holding us back and our fear of beeing "alone" doesnt let us understand that sometimes we are alone, all the way.